XMAPortal : Getting Started with XMAPortal

Get XMAPortal Account

Contact Kia Huffman to become a registered user of XMAPortal (or Sandbox)​

Computer, Browser Requirements

    Use the most current version of Firefox browser (not Safari, Chrome, etc)
    If you plan to upload files to XMAPortal:
    Please set any computer that you plan to use for file uploads into Never Sleep mode. Uploads can take hours and will be interrupted if the computer goes to sleep.
    If you have access to a wired ethernet connection please use the ethernet cable to connect to Internet/XMA Portal, upload via wireless works but takes longer time!

Creation of New Studies

Only PIs (faculty) can create new Studies in the Portal. If you want your PI to create a Study for you, send your requested Study Name and a Study Description to your PI. The PI should designate you as the Study Leader and you will have full access to the Study. Check out All Studies to see examples of Study Names and Descriptions.

Use "Sandbox" for Practice and Testing

Please be aware that neither Studies nor uploaded data can be deleted from the XMAPortal (for data security reasons), so please *do not* use the main Portal for practice and testing. We have a separate Sandbox Portal for playing and testing. Any registered Sandbox user will be able to create new Studies in the Sandbox. Be aware that anyone in your research group will also be able to access the studies that you create in Sandbox. Periodically all of the data in the Sandbox will be removed, so don't put anything there that you want to keep.

Off-Campus Access

XMA Portal and Sandbox can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

Warning: Processed Data Section of Portal is Sketchy

We hope the XMA Portal is fairly intuitive to use for upload of raw data (X-ray videos, CT scans). However, the Processed Data section is still rough in Version 1.0. Feel free to upload Processed Data, but be aware that this section of the Portal is still a bit of a wilderness.

How are data organized in XMAPortal, see this page: data organization in XMAPortal​

X-ray Room Log Sheets for Accessing File Metadata

Erika Giblin has kindly scanned all of the log sheets from the X-ray rooms. This is convenient for finding the metadata such as frame rate, kV, mA, etc. You can view the log sheets with these links: (requires login to XMA Portal) Keck XROMM Facility Log Sheets C-arm Room Log Sheets​
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