XROMM : How to give access or revoke access to see your study
By default when a study is created, the following people have access to that study:
- the PI(s) designated when a study is created
- the lab-managers of each PI.
- the study leader designated when a study is created
Once the study is created, the PI(s) and lab-managers for that study can add additional users (or delete users that have been added).
To give access (or revoke access) for a person for a study requires that you have to be a PI (Principal Investigator) or Lab Admin (lab manager, e.g. a proxy of the PI)*.
When you give someone access to your entire study, they will see all the trials and files, and also will be able to upload files to your study. If you rather prefer to share only one trial or one file with someone, then just only share that trial, or that file with that person, not the entire study.
People who get access to a study can not add other people to that study (only PI or Lab Admin of that study can grant these permission).
Follow the steps in this screencast to see how to grant or revoke access to a study (click on thumbnail to see a larger image, Do Shift+reload page to start the animation from the beginning.)
*To PIs: If you want someone in your group to act on your behalf = be your LabAdmin, please contact Kia. This person will then have the same privileges as you have, such as giving access to others to your study, creating new studies in your name, etc. so please consider this carefully.
How to remove users from a study
Deleting an existing users associated with a study is very similar to the above process of adding a user, except for instead use the "Delete User" button in the above process.
Notice: The PI(s)/lab-managers and study leader associated with a study can not be deleted. If you need to modify a PI or study leader for a study contact the portal administrator.
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