XMAPortal : Metadata Pool
The Metadata Pool contains all the possible metadata that current or future trials can have.
For example if you are working with a study that will contain data about several species of birds, before any trial is taken place you can go ahead and populate the Metadata Pool with the Genus & Species and Individual Subject Name, so when creating new trials, you can quickly select from this mini collection of metadata that is relevant for your study.
If your study is going to have many trials we really recommend that you before creating any trials, first populate the Metadata Pool and then create the trials.
How to populate the Metadata Pool ?
- First be inside a study that you want to populate with trial metadata.
- In the table header (black area), there is "Edit Metadata Pool" link, click on this link.
- You will get directed to a page, where you will see a table. To add metadata to this table, under each table heading for example "Genus & Species" there is "Add" (and "Remove").
- Click on Add to add "Genus & Species" to the Metadata Pool. A window pops up, where you can select genus and species, if you can't find the genus and species, scroll down the list, and click on the link "Click here to add more to this list".
- Once you have selected/added your genus and species, make sure to click on the radio button on the left of the item, then push the Add Genus-Species button at the bottom.
- Now your genus & species will be shown in the Metadata Pool.
Note: except for Individual Subject Name, all items you add into the Metadata Pool can be removed later. If you add a Individual Subject Name, you can not remove it, but you can change its name.
Note: modifying items in Metadata Pool (eg. Individual Subject Name) will not change the item for trials that have already been created. Example, if you created Individual Subject Name "AB1" , then create a trial "Trial1" using this subject, and then later go to the Metadata Pool and change the Individual Subject Name "AB1" to "BB1", the subject name associated with "Trial1" is still "AB1".
If you want to modify any metadata for an existing trial (eg. change Individual Subject Name "AB1" to "BB1") please use Edit Trial (from the study page click on the trial name in the table, once "inside a trial", just click on the Edit, located just below the trial name in red big letters).
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